Nairadirect is an exchange platform that enables its users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT as well as other digital currencies such as Perfect Money, PayPal, etc.

Nairadirect also allows users to manage their cryptocurrency/e-currency directly from their account, all the user has to do is deposit into his/her account after which he/she can transact directly from your account.

To deposit Naira into your Nairadirect account you must be logged in to your account. Upon successful login, follow these few steps to deposit money into your Nairadirect account.

From your dashboard click on Bitcoin Wallet
From your the drop-down menu click on Receive BTC
Copy the bitcoin wallet address to send the amount of bitcoin you want to deposit

Note: Upon confirmation, your wallet will be credited with the amount you have deposited and the bitcoin address will be updated immediately after use, with a new one generated.